Paul Sampson: Swimming Across Continents

Paul Sampson

Paul Sampson joined East Dorset Open Water Swimming Club in 2015 after deciding to train to Swim Across Continents, from Asia to Europe.

Paul Sampson
Paul Sampson

Swimmer: Paul Sampson

Age: 62

From: near Shaftesbury

When did you join the club?


So how many years have you been swimming?

I've swum since about the age 8 but I had my first lessons at age 59!

How long have you been into open water swimming?

2 years (if you don't count previous splashing in the sea on holiday)

Which is your favourite swim spot?

Shore Road with East Dorset OWSC of course!

Good answer! So what prompted you to join East Dorset OWSC?

After reading "Swim: why we love the water" by Lynn Sherr a few years ago I decided I'd celebrate being 60 by a swim from Asia to Europe. The swim was in Istanbul across the Bosphorus. I joined the club in order to help me train for the event.

The following year I swam the other direction across the Hellespont following in the historical wake of Leander and Lord Byron!

(Entry for both those swims is organised by Swimtrek)

What was your favourite swim event in 2017 ?

As well as the Bantham Swoosh organised by the Outdoor Swimming Society, I entered the Seahorse Swim for the first time this year. Chris Parkin of East Dorset OWSC also organised some ideal weather for this event!

What are your swimming plans for next season?

In 2018 I hope to do the round Brownsea Island swim, but I need an internet speed that's fast enough to get me an entry!

I was one of 1,988 swimmers taking part in the 27th edition of one of the world’s most legendary swimming events. Swimmers from 49 countries swam the challenging 6.5km route from Kanlıca on the Asian side of Istanbul to Kuruçeşme Cemil Topuzlu Park on the European side.

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