Pensioner prepares for record-breaking Channel swim

A 70-year old retired breast cancer surgeon who swam in July’s ASA SW Region Open Water Competition at Weymouth is preparing to become the oldest person to swim the English Channel in August.

View BBC Channel Islands News feature on Roger Allsopp on Friday 12 August 2011 (2m 01s flashplayer required).

Roger Allsopp will start his record breaking swim on 23/24 August 2011, hoping to raise £750,000 for the purchase of cutting edge cancer research medical equipment at the University of Southampton.

Allsopp is no stranger to pushing his body to the limit, having run the London Marathon 10 years ago and completed a successful Channel crossing in 2006.

The grandad of three will be 70 years and four months old for his 21 mile challenge, breaking former record holder George Brunstad’s age of 70 years and four days from 2004.

And he admits maintaining a healthy lifestyle has allowed him to make the most of his retirement.

“I’ve never been one to sit on my laurels,” said Allsopp, who is aiming to break George Brunstad’s record of 70 years and 4 days old. Retirement has been wonderful but I know how important it is to keep active in mind and body to live a healthy retirement. I set myself physical challenges to ensure I keep as fit and healthy as I can.

“This record breaking swim will hopefully raise a large proportion of the £750,000 that the University of Southampton requires in order to progress its cancer studies.”

Allsopp is being supported by Nutritional and wellbeing supplement company Healthspan who are aiming to raise £100,000 for the cause. Chairman Derek Coates is also pledging £250,000 of his own wealth towards the fundraising.

In this video, Roger explains how a medical career evolved into a fundraising career for ground-breaking cancer research in the UK (5m 55s flashplayer required).

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1 thought on “Pensioner prepares for record-breaking Channel swim

  1. On 30 August 2011 Allsopp became the oldest man to swim the English Channel. He completed the 21-mile challenge in 17 hours and 51 minutes.

    “I do feel an immense sense of achievement and relief that I have been successful. This has been an incredible personal challenge for me and my focus has always been to help raise money for Hope for Guernsey and Wessex Medical Research, a cause that I am extremely passionate about.

    “Coupled with the fact that a man of my ‘grand’ age can achieve such a physical and mental challenge proves that you can live younger if you keep active in mind and body. I’ve never been one to sit on my laurels.”

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