Portland Coastguard Helicopter – Petition

Portland Coastguard Helicopter
Portland Coastguard Helicopter
The Portland Coastguard Helicopter is due to be removed from service by the government. Those with an in depth, local knowledge of what this helicopter does know that it saves lives.

100,000 signatures are needed to raise this issue in parliament, so far there are only 6,962 and the petition closes on 23 August 2012.

As this coastguard helicopter covers our swim area, we have an interest in maintaining its presence. At least one of our members has benefitted from its service (not a swimming related incident).

Please sign the petition.

Please help to keep the Portland Coastguard Helicopter. Don’t forget, they regularly transport people from accidents on land to hospital, not just at sea and are a vital resource in transferring sick patients between hospitals across long distances within the UK.