Promoting open water swimming

Channel swimmer, triathlete and fitness junkie, Nicola Joyce has been writing features for consumer sport and fitness publications since 2004. A freelance journalist Nicola specialises in sport and fitness, particularly open-water swimming.

She’s swum across the English Channel (twice), around Jersey (one and a half times…don’t ask) and up the length of Windermere. She was part of a relay team who swam to France and back in a force 6 gale. She swims in a lake under Heathrow’s flightpaths whilst most people are still in bed. She sometimes ventures out on the back of a tandem mountain-bike.

If it involves being outdoors, getting wet, muddy or cold (or even all three) and wearing lycra*, Nicola’s either done it or would like to. She’s contracted mild hypothermia, been burped at by a seal and been stung by jellyfish for commissions.

*(other high-performance materials are available)

Nicola Joyce
Nicola Joyce

Nicola is an enthusiastic, well connected freelancer who’s full of ideas. She knows where to find the chattiest and most knowledgeable amateur and pro athletes, coaches, team-managers and fitness experts and can talk their language. She’s turned features around the week (even when they needed three rather specific case-studies).

To commission Nicola or find out more about her work, contact her on:

M: 07775 621419
T: 0118 9893829