Rebecca Adlington to take part in World Swim Against Malaria 2010

Swimming champion and Speedo sponsored athlete, Rebecca Adlington, has registered for this year’s World Swim Against Malaria.

Rebecca Adlington – 2x Olympic Champion, will take to the water on 25 June 2010 as part of the world’s largest participatory swim event. Organised by the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF), the swim aims to attract up to a million participants, with every penny raised spent on the purchase and distribution of protective nets which prevent the spread of one of the world’s most deadly diseases in Africa and other affected regions.

Rebecca’s sponsors, Speedo, are also lending their support to the cause by donating 35,000 items of men’s, women’s and children’s swimwear to those who participate in the swim.

By registering at, swimmers can claim an item of swimwear for each $5(US) they donate, up to a maximum of four pieces, with only postage and packaging payable.

The world’s leading swimwear brand has supported World Swim Against Malaria since 2005, a period which has seen a total of more than $2 million raised and almost one million people protected from malaria. Speedo staff, family and friends are delighted to have themselves raised £93,943 in support of the cause, an amount which has seen 55,816 children protected against malaria.

With Speedo swimmers having so far covered a total distance of 13,059 kilometres, Speedo is this year aiming to recruit enough swimmers to swim 40,074 kilometres – the distance around the world – an effort which will be bolstered by the participation of Speedo sponsored athletes, including the phenomenal Phelps.

Announcing her support for the cause, Rebecca said:

“Malaria remains one of the world’s most deadly diseases, and that’s why it’s important to do all we can to help prevent it. Getting into the pool on June 25th is a really simple way to save lives, so I hope that as many people as possible get involved with World Swim Against Malaria, claim their Speedo swimwear, and raise as much money as possible for this worthy cause.”

To find out more information about World Swim Against Malaria and how to get involved visit the website: