Recognition of Achievements

Dorset County ASA is very happy to acknowledge individuals or teams for exceptional achievements such as county / regional / national Records, endurance events (ie Channels swims, triathlon, Iron Man etc), selection for regional / home nation teams and similar feats.

A letter of congratulations, County certificate, County award (depending on the achievement) etc can be produced quickly but only if DCASA are provided with the full and correct information in writing as to the achievement.

With one or two exceptions, this doesn’t happen at present and a substantial amount of time is being spent hunting down the necessary details from the scraps or verbal information received.

Therefore please ensure that the details of achievements are emailed to Di Gibbs ( as soon after the event as possible and include:

– Participant(s) full name(s)
– Club(s)
– Full title of event
– Date of event
– Venue(s) of the event
– Brief details of achievement what the event involved, times achieved etc and any other relevant information (ie first person to etc)
– Website link to verify and also provided additional information for DCASA website posting (photos are very welcome but please clearly name those people in the photos!)

This information can be provided by: DCASA discipline secretaries, club coaches, club secretaries, parents or the participant themselves.

If Di Gibbs is not provided with all of the above information in writing she cannot guarantee she will be able to progress the necessary acknowledgement of achievement.