Registration volunteers needed Aug & Sept 2015

From Chris Parkin, Chairman

There are a few dates over the coming weeks to the end of the season where we are short of volunteers for the registration tasks. The dates available are:

  • 23 August – 1 volunteer needed
  • 30 August – 1 volunteer needed
  • 15 Sept – ideally 2 volunteers, 1 minimum
  • 22 Sept – ideally 2 volunteers, 1 minimum
  • 27 Sept – 1 volunteer needed
  • 29 Sept – ideally 2 volunteers, 1 minimum

Your club does need your support to assist on Tuesdays and Sundays so please help out if you can or bring along a willing friend/partner to do it in your place if you’d prefer a swim. If there are no volunteers the facilities will not be opened although you can still meet and swim as a group albeit not covered by the club kayak support (if Tuesday) or registration safety process.

Please see the website to volunteer

Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to volunteer