Seahorse film wins top BWPA Award

The British Wildlife Photography Awards were established in 2009. The BWPA exhibition at Moors Valley Country Park, Ringwood runs until 28 February 2016. The key aims of the Awards in 16 categories are to:

  • Recognise the talents of photographers practicing in the UK, while at the same time highlight the great wealth and diversity of Britain’s natural history.
  • Celebrate British wildlife, in all its beauty and diversity, through a collection of inspirational photographs.
  • Showcase the very best of our nature photography to a wide audience and engage all ages with evocative and powerful imagery.
  • Encourage discovery, exploration, conservation and enjoyment of our natural heritage.
  • Raise awareness about British biodiversity, species and habitats.

Andy Jackson’s 2014 film narrated by Jackie Daly, “The Last Seahorse in Studland?”, carried off the top prize in the special film category: Wildlife in HD. Andy: “The idea was to feature the Seahorse life cycle story: seahorse breeding time, courtship displays, and how male seahorses are the ones to give birth.

“Unfortunately, after many hours of searching, with the help of local experts, we found just one lonely seahorse: the only seahorse sighted in Studland that year. We also found unrestricted anchoring and destructive mooring systems that tear up the eelgrass beds in the bay.

“So we made this film instead, because we believe there is a way to save the seahorses while still having fun on boats. It will take a bit of will – and a bit of money.

“Please share our film and help to give Studland’s seahorses a voice and a chance.”

the last seahorse in studland? from Andy Jackson on Vimeo.