Seahorse Swim 2010 Pre-Race Interviews

93 swimmers started the 2010 event for male and female wetsuit and non-wetsuit swimmers. We’ll bring you full results shortly. Meanwhile take a look at some pre-race interview clips below.

We would like to thank:

  • RLSS Poole and Branksome Lifeguards for organising excellent safety cover on the day and help with our pre-event risk assessment.
  • St John’s Ambulance for being there!
  • Our Referee Bob Cooper for giving us the benefit of his experience and pre-race support
  • Anthony King and his crew for setting up the marquee
  • Phil Pickering for inspiring our imagination to run the event at Studland and for the use of his boat.
  • The National Trust for allowing us to hold the event in such a beautiful setting
  • The Studland Seagrass and Seahorse Study Group for helping to protect our local environment
  • Local artist, Donna Stacey for the wonderful original Seahorse canvas and allowing us to use the prints as prizes.
  • Photographers Danni Callahan and Naomi Vides
  • Our Club members and volunteers for all the hard work work they put into making the event such a success
  • All our competitors for turning up on what was probably the hottest day of the year with an England – Germany match in the afternoon.

Hopefully we haven’t missed thanking anyone!

We will be posting a gallery of photos and videos from the event shortly. Meanwhile, enjoy some of the interviews with competitors and helpers.

Seahorse Swim 2010 – Dave Doust from John Bolton on Vimeo.

Seahorse Swim 2010 – Claire Hayward from John Bolton on Vimeo.

Seahorse Swim 2010 – Jennie Boyt from John Bolton on Vimeo.

Seahorse Swim 2010 – Yvonne Tibble and Margaret Rouse from John Bolton on Vimeo.

Editor’s note: Fabio, consult Yvonne pre-match (if there’s a) next time.

Seahorse Swim 2010 – Angela and Ann from John Bolton on Vimeo.

Apologies for the vehicular beeps in the background audio in this video!

Seahorse Swim 2010 – Wisdom from John Bolton on Vimeo.

Seahorse Swim 2010 – Ali Budynkiewicz from John Bolton on Vimeo.

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