Seahorse Swim 2012 Competitor Lists

Please find details below of accepted and reserve entries into the Seahorse Swim 2012 on 24 June 2012. The swim is in aid of the Seahorse Trust and made possible by the kind support of the National Trust and RLSS Poole and Branksome Lifeguards.

Competitor briefing packs will be emailed by 31 May 2012.

Reserve entries are marked by an ‘R’. Reserves will be contacted by email when places become available.

Applicants marked with a single asterisk have been contacted. Action is required by 23 May 2012 to secure a place.

Applicants marked with a double asterisk have been contacted as there are no applications corresponding to payments received. Action is required by 23 May 2012 to secure places otherwise payment will be forfeited.

Applicants marked with a triple asterisk have been contacted as they do not have a place.

If you spot any errors, please advise John Bolton (

Changes of category will be permitted until 10 June 2012, subject to a £5 administration fee (cheque payable to EDOWSC). No changes will be permitted after this date.

Update published on 17 May 2012. Updates will be made as queries are resolved.

Female Non-wetsuit

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Female Wetsuit

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Male Non-wetsuit

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Male Wetsuit

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