Seahorse Swim 2020

Here is the link to the Seahorse Swim 2020 registration/entry page. It will go live at exactly 10am on Sunday 16th February. Below is an explanation of how the system works….please read it all for best chance of entry!

We know the event is very popular and if you want a place you, or someone you know, will need to be online at 10am exactly to enter. You will need details; name, medical conditions/medication, category, t-shirt size (if you want one), card details for payment,

 email address, phone number. If you get something wrong (except payment details), don’t worry, it can be corrected after, better just get your entry in quick.

After comments made on last year’s entry we looked at a ballot system but it wasn’t possible to set up using the registration system.

Some of you may remember that last year it seemed like places became free after the event was sold out. This was due to people completing and submitting their personal details, which held their place for a short period, but then failed to complete the payment

 process. The place then became available to the next person who submitted their details. A queue system wasn’t possible to set up so if it looks like it’s sold out shortly after 10am, keep submitting your entry and you may still get a place.

There will also a [short] waiting list that also opens at 10am.

Thanks for understanding.


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