Seahorse Trust thanks donors

Neil Garrick-Maidment of the Seahorse Trust and Eva Durant, one of their volunteer divers, have passed on their thanks to members of East Dorset Open Water Swimming Club who attended the Seahorse Swim on Sunday 23 June 2013.

Eva said: “It was my pleasure to represent the Seahorse Trust and to receive such a generous donation. We also wish extend our thanks to Jayne Spencer for her personal donation.

“I enjoyed the day very much and was glad the weather held out and did not spoil the event.I can see why your members tackle such a gruelling challenge, as their great sense of achievement at reaching their goal must be so fulfilling.

“I did hear a few say they wished they had trained harder but they all did exceptionally well and should be very proud of themselves!

Neil Garrick-Maidment added: “So far this season we have not seen one seahorse which is worrying. Partly we think this is due to with the weather but mainly because numbers have dropped rapidly since 2008 when we had 58 sightings (40 plus individuals) down to 7 in 2012. Despite this, they still will not protect the site.”

“Once again thank you to one and all for your amazing support for the third year in a row and well done to everyone for the swim. Like Eva I don’t think I could have done it, not without SCUBA gear anyway!”

Eva and Neil will do their best to continue to protect our little friends and to try to conserve their environment.!/group.php?gid=106564446031865&ref=ts