Season's Greetings!

Met him on a Tuesday and my hear stood still – Ron
The first club session is on Tuesday 19 April 2016 6pm for a 6.30pm start. There is a small problem, in the recent storm the roof got blown off Shore Road changing rooms. It sounds like it will take a few weeks to fix. In the meantime we are planning to just meet at Shore Road anyway at the usual time.

We have emailed club members with two main options for getting changed:

1) Get changed in the car park and leave your stuff in your car. Stick your keys in an aquapac which you can put in your wetsuit or down the back of your trunks.

2) Get changed outside the changing room. There will be someone available to keep an eye on everyone’s kit. If you do this. it is probably best to bring a reasonably waterproof bag in case it decides to pour with rain. And let’s face it if there is a big pile of bags to soak … it will probably rain!

On the plus side we have a NEW CELEBRITY MEMBER, Ron, the grey seal (see photo courtesy of his agent). At the moment he is proving somewhat intransigent. He refuses to wear goggles or a hat. It also seems unlikely he will be able to sign the register clearly. However what he lacks in sartorial compliance and English skills, he makes up for with his super speed. He reckons he can swim at 20mph in short bursts, which is 100m splits of 12 secs – not bad. He should comfortably beat Guy Giles round Brownsea! Go Ron.