Severn tidal power feasibility study consultation

A study is gathering and assessing up-to-date evidence to enable Government to decide whether or not to support tidal power development in the Severn Estuary.

Ten potential development options have been considered so far (including barrages, lagoons, a tidal reef and tidal fence) and the Government is now seeking views on:

  • a recommended shortlist of schemes for more detailed analysis this year;
  • the scope of the Strategic Environmental Assessment that is being carried out within the feasibility study;
  • the issues the feasibility study is considering and how these are being approached.
Severn Estuary
Severn Estuary

What this means for sport and recreation
Some of the options will have a severe impact on recreation, particularly water-based activities and on the river’s ecosystems, but also promise to produce a  substantial amount of renewable energy.

What next
The consultation closes on 23 April 2009. Click for more details