Shore Road changing rooms

We are grateful to Judith and the Sandbanks Beach office for seeking our input and taking time to discus potential improvements to the facilities at Shore Road. With Sustaining Poole’s seafront project paper is about to be published, there is still a belief that the changing rooms can be improved and permission has been given to invest in some improvements towards our wish list:

  • Provide kitchen area, worktop & storage cupboard
  • Possible wall heater
  • Electricity and a water supply to the building
  • Lighting
  • Improve the flooring throughout
  • Repairs to the sky lights in each of the shower rooms
  • General painting and improvements
  • Club Noticeboard (Provided by EDOWSC)

This is a positive step forward and the improvements will make the facilities more comfortable to use.

The work will start the first week in April and will be completed before our 2015 club swimming season starts. We will of course keep you updated of plans and progress.