Storm Repairs 2014 – Shore Road Beach

With a lot of members Winter training at Shore Road, we bring to your attention the following in case you were unaware:

For the most up to date information, look at which will be updated daily / weekly as progress is made.

The storms of winter 2013/14 caused a significant loss of sand along this frontage and work was prioritised to ensure the beach is wide enough to protect properties and infrastructure against further winter storms.

Works will involve pumping approximately 40,000 cubic metres of sand onto the beach 24 hours a day over a period of about 10 days. Contractors, however, are likely to be on site for between 4-5 weeks, needing 2 weeks to mobilise the necessary equipment before pumping can start, and a week or so afterwards to demobilise.

The upshot is £700,000 funding awarded to replenish the storm damaged beach at Shore Road by recycling sand from the Swash Channel, Poole Harbour. The Rohde Nielsen dredger Magni R will be undertaking replenishment works (Main Contractor) Rohde Nielsen A/S, Denmark

Project timings
Works commenced on Monday 3 November 2014 with delivery of the pipes to be welded on the beach. Beach work is being carried out by Ovenden Earthmoving.

Follow progress reports & pictures in their Project Diary.

The dredger Magni R is scheduled to arrive on 16 November, and depart on 27 November. The beach should be clear of all pipes and plant by 3 December. These dates are provisional; the Magni R is currently working in Sweden and its progress there / arrival here is weather dependent.

The dredger’s current whereabouts can be found at Marine Traffic, a ship tracking website – visit

It is probably not wise to swim towards Canford whilst this essential work is happening. Swimming towards Sandbanks is probably the best bet at this time. Whilst it’s not ideal, it is essential work.

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  1. Gerry Griffin will visit before the Club’s end of season lunch and if necessary the Committee will consider a different venue for the short swim which takes place before it.

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