Take me to your leader!

Open water swimming can be great fun but it can only be fully appreciated if you are a strong swimmer, and this is achieved through training and advanced learning. As this can be a long process, the ASA want to help people along the way before they themselves go out to share the knowledge they have gained.

If you are a confident swimmer, why not start by helping lead some of the swimmer groups in our Club sea swims! And if you are keen to develop a career helping others to swim, the ASA runs a series of seminars on continuing professional development (CPD). The course covers everything needed to further your skills from basic swimming techniques or improvement of anything from front crawl to butterfly, right up to advanced land training and health and safety.

A career in swimming cannot progress unless you earn an ASA licence and attend regular CPD seminars so it’s worth looking into as soon as possible if you want to pursue this aquatic career path.

The ASA also provide an option to provide qualified swimming and aquatic teachers with the knowledge, skills and ability to train and assess the RLSS UK Rookie lifeguard programme. For another really rewarding challenge, there is a CPD workshop which will equip you with the basic knowledge required to interact effectively and teach autistic children within a swimming lesson.

For more information on leading session sims contact Bob Holman () and to find out how CPD could help, contact Gina Wilcox (wilcoxgina@hotmail.com