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As a club we have a duty of care to look after you and to ensure you are aware of the local hazards associated with swimming at our location and can therefore enjoy yourself safely whilst swimming with us.

Seasoned or experienced open water swimmer!

Even if you are a seasoned or experienced open water swimmer (and you know a current member who can vouch for you) you will still need to book a Taster Session. However, you only need to book a Dry-Side Taster Session and let us know your swimming abilities / experience in open water swimming and who your EDOWSC Sponsor is. We can then arrange a short dry land based session, before you swim with us. We can then run through some local hazards and explains the club rules along with explaining how the club operates to ensure all swimmers that go into the water are accounted for at the end of the session.

Just follow this link to book a Dry-side Taster Session
or copy and paste the following in your browser.

Less confident or new to Open Water Swimming? Then read on…

If you are less confident in the open water and want to give it a go, then the Taster Session comprises of two parts as shown below. The first part is the a Dry-side session and the second part is water based and we take you into the water with our Taster Leaders, where we will provide expert advice on how to swim in the open water, along with going through some basic self rescue techniques.

The Taster Session booking, allows you to attend up to 3 taster sessions, where you can be looked after, and build up your confidence, should you require it, before having to join our  full membership. After you successfully complete your First Taster session and assuming that you want to continue swimming with us, then you just need to complete our Club Membership Form and pay the Membership Fee


  1. Dry Land based session (approx. 20 minutes)
    talking about local hazards, weather forecasts, tides, as well as club rules and how we operate to provide as safe place to swim and enjoy the sea.
  2. Water based session (approx. 40 minutes)
    practical sea swim session, keeping the group together, building confidence in sea swimming, controlling breathing, looking out for others, sighting, the three stages of self rescue, swimming techniques to be more efficient in the water


Taster Sessions take place on Tuesday Evenings, starting at approx. 18:25hrs, just after the main group of EDOWSC swimmers set off for their swim.

We ask that you turn up 10 minutes  or so before hand ready to swim, but keep some warm clothes on.

Once the main club swimmers have their safety brief and are sent out to swim we will then be able to meet and engage with all those taking part in the Taster Session.

We aim to provide six (x6) Taster Sessions as shown below on the 1st and 3rd Tues of the month although, dates may change depending on availability of trainers each year.

We aim to offer six taster session as follows:

4th  TUES MAY @at 18:25
1st   TUES OF JUNE @at 18:25
3rd  TUES OF JUNE @at 18:25
1st   TUES OF JULY @at 18:25
3rd  TUES OF JULY @at 18:25
1st   TUES OF AUGUST @at 18:25

See the actual Tickets at the bottom of this page for the actual dates that we will be providing this calendar year.

Please also note that whilst we plan for the above sessions, the sessions will only go ahead if the weather and sea conditions permit. (yours and our safety is of paramount importance)
If we need to cancel we will email you to indicate at least one day before the actual session date.


We do make a small charge of £5 which goes towards the hire of changing rooms, insurance and of course post swim hot drinks and biscuits.


Taster sessions must be booked by the Sunday prior to the Tuesday session.

The Taster Sessions are taken by our very own Taster Session Leaders who are either very experienced or qualified (Open Water Swimming Coaches). They are also club members, and will provide pre-swim briefing, in the water guidance and generally ensure our new swimmers have a safe and enjoyable open water experience with us.
It is worth noting that these Taster Leaders give up their Tuesday evening swim, to take these taster Sessions, so please be nice to them :-)

Full Taster Session Booking Form

Full Taster Session Booking Form

First Name
Last Name
Taster Session
Please select the Taster Session that you would like to book.
Sea Swimming Ability
How would you rate your sea swimming ability?
Please give us a quick reason for wanting to join us, i.e. what are your goals/aims (improve swimming / get fitter / training for an event / simply getting in the sea etc.- this is just so that we can see if we can help you with them. :-)


As you will be invited to go for a swim after the dryside  session has been completed we will need an  Emergency  Contact Name and Number of some who will not be swimming at the same time with you.

Name of an Emergency Contact
Emergency Contact Number

We also need to know any Medical Ailments or Allergies that may effect you whilst you swim with us, so please list these accordingly – If none, please just enter ‘None’ or ‘N/A’

Please list any Medical Ailments and or Allergies that we should be aware of – If none put ‘None’


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