the asa restructure and development

On Friday 6 February 2009, the asa board approved plans, which will come into effect on 1 March 2009, to change the way the asa delivers its services to its clubs and partners throughout England. More information is available in this letter from David Sparkes. Click for download (opens in new window).

It is important for the asa to continue to assess and review its operations and listen to its members, partners and customers in order to ensure best practice at all times. The Regional Management Board are assessing their current commitments and working through the logistics and operational demands of this change to the structure. They propose to have further information available by the second week in March on how they intend moving forwards . Regional Director Alison Usher appreciates that there are lots of questions and queries, which she will endeavour to answer, but please bear with us during this difficult transition period.

For now you should continue to work with the regions as you have been doing and we will circulate details at a later stage on how Clubs and Counties will work with the 49 county swimming co-ordinators.