The Management of Open Water Swimming Events

Safety is of paramount importance to the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) and British Swimming in the conduct of any Open Water Swimming event / competition.

A document published September 2011 includes all aspects to take in to consideration when organising an open water event.

The guidelines explain the roles required to run an event, preparation work involved, safety procedures, risk assessments and how to set your course. It is designed to leave the organisers and officials ready to launch their next event. It is advised that you also read the rules of open water swimming here.

About open water swimming

Open water bathing has always been a popular activity primarily as a recreational pursuit linked to tourism and sunny weather. Open water events, although not a new phenomenon, have increased significantly throughout the 1990’s both in frequency, size and location. Open water swimming events have been recorded with participants in excess of 10,000; this sort out event needs to be carefully planned and set up. This document should help with the safety and planning procedures in doing so.

Click to download Guidance, Safe Operating Procedures & Risk Assessment.