The OSS is expanding

The Outdoor Swimming Society has big plans for expansion in 2010, and they would love you to be part of it. A wide variety of roles are on offer and they need enthusiastic, dynamic and motivated people to fill them.

What’s involved?

You will be given the freedom to work independently in an area you excel at and be expected to act on your own initiative, carrying through any projects to agreed timescales without a boss telling you what to do. However, a friendly team of people who are all passionate about swimming outdoors will be on hand to support you, and you will work together to drive the OSS forward. OSS need people who can commit to deadlines and have the time and energy to really throw themselves into the role. Most of the positions are unpaid but the warm feeling you get from helping swimmers will be sure to keep you warm in the water.

If you are interested in any of these advertised positions, e-mail with a CV, covering letter and one or two ideas of how you would fill the role, and they will send you more information.

Help spread the word and encourage more people to escape chlorinated captivity!