Triathlon England – Swim Smooth Open Water Training Days

Triathlon England are delivering a series of Open Water Swimming Training days in partnership with Swim Smooth. The training days are designed to give triathletes and swimmers of all abilities the opportunity to maximise their time in open water by receiving expert coaching from Swim Smooth Accredited Coaches.

Each training day consists of two sessions. The Novice session is aimed at first time open water swimmers who want to improve their relaxation and confidence in the open water whilst learning how to master the essential skills of sighting and drafting. The Advanced session is aimed at those triathletes or open water swimmers who feel confident in the water and swimming in groups but want to learn the extra skills and techniques to give them the edge.

Each session will last approximately 2 hours and include a theory presentation followed by around 45 – 60 minutes coaching in the water.

Cost – £15 per person, per session for 2 hours expert coaching from Swim Smooth

For more information, venues and course dates as they are announced click here