Volunteer support for Seahorse Swim 2013

Jan Shepherd has kindly prepared and Gerry Griffin circulated to our club membership a list of duties and volunteers for our Seahorse Swim on Sunday 23 June 2013.

This will be our fourth event in Studland Bay in support of the Seahorse Trust and competitors and volunteers have a really enjoyable day. The event finishes around lunchtime and so the afternoon will be yours to spend on the beach, in the sea or however else you fancy.

If you are a club member named on the list, or not and you or a friend / relative would like to help on the day, then please email Jan (janishep@hotmail.co.uk) to confirm your availability to help us run the event.

We have a lot to do in a limited amount of time to ensure the event runs smoothly:

  • Car Park
  • Transport and erection of equipment
  • Mark out muster area
  • Register competitors
  • Look after the Baggage area
  • Swim Control
  • Turning Boat volunteers
  • Runners
  • Video and Photos
  • Timekeepers/Recorders/finish and place marshals
  • Beach Walkers
  • Collation of results and presentations
  • After Race clear up

If you think male seahorses giving birth isn’t easy, spare a thought for Jan’s task of securing all the help we can get. Thank you in anticipation of your support.