Volunteers needed to fill key roles

Gerry with orange buoyGerry Griffin will be standing down from all of his Club roles at the AGM (held January / February 2016). This means there are several key roles for which the Club is requesting support from members. In order to allow new people to settle into new roles we feel that the roles should be filled before the end of the swimming season. Soif anyone can assist, please do come forward with offers of help.

Gerry is emphasising that he will stand down so if no-one steps forward the jobs will not be done which could affect the short and long term viability of the Club.

In addition Alison Budynkiewicz, the Club’s President and Welfare Officer, will also being retiring from the Committee. The President is not an electable role but the Welfare Officer is and an essential role for the Club.

The Club will need volunteers to cover:-

  • Membership Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Beach Registration and Supplies Coordinator
  • Swim21 Coordinator
  • Welfare Officer

If anyone wishes to discuss these roles then please speak to Gerry (01929 556 009 / gerry-wareham2003@hotmail.co.uk) or any other Committee member, or contact us via the website.

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  1. 30 Aug Update: Gerry has only received three replies to his email re above. This is your Club and unless you offer to help in the administration and running of the Club. there will be no Club. Please help EDOWSC to move forward and flourish.

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