Manufacturer’s description

Waterbuoy will recover your mobile phone, keys, rod, tools, PDA, binoculars, VHF radio or anything else that you drop into the water or falls overboard.

  • Lift up to 1kg back to the surface.
  • Stay afloat for at least 24 hours.
  • Flashing light – visible from up to 250 metres away in the dark.

Waterbuoy is a safety device for all your portable gear and valuables. It may only be the same size as a regular car key fob, but Waterbuoy packs some ingenious miniature flotation technology to stop that sinking feeling in its tracks. When dropped into the water, Waterbuoy becomes a flashing emergency float for whatever it is attached to, making it possible to retrieve just about anything that you accidentally drop into the water.

Seconds after falling into the sea, water passes into the body of the fob, dissolving a patented automatic actuator that releases gas from a tiny tank into a bright orange balloon. The balloon breaks out of the end of the fob and continues to inflate.

Simultaneously, a bright LED starts flashing which illuminates Waterbuoy from the inside like a Belisha beacon. The toughened balloon inflates to the size of a melon making it very easy to grab one-handed and retrieve without fear of it bursting.

This product is not reusable. www.water-buoy.com