What to look for in a Club

The ASA believes every parent should look for swim21 accreditation when looking for a club. This is because swim21 accredited clubs provide safe, effective, child friendly and quality services for the benefit of their swimmers and non-swimming members. Our Club is swim21 accredited.

In Autumn 2008, in the first survey of its kind, parents were asked to give their opinion on the swim21 scheme. Parents gave their almost universal backing to swim21 for maintaining ‘standards of excellence within swimming.’ 89% of parents said that it was important or very important for their child to be involved in a club with swim21 status.

Two thirds of parents also said swim21 accreditation would also influence which club they would send their child to.

When asked why swim21 was so important one parent said it was because “I know staff are child protection aware, they are qualified, there is structure to the club for movement/development and I get what I pay for!” While another simply added it ‘maintains standards of excellence within swimming.’

Two in three parents also said they had seen improvements in their child’s club since they had become accredited.

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