Winter training for Club members

Many thanks for the 27 responses from Club members to Gerry Griffin’s last circular on winter training. The general feeling is that Ringwood is too far out of our normal area. Other than a few members who swim in triathlete training sessions every Saturday, no one else has expressed any desire for these swims.

Waiting for the all you can eat buffet to start
Waiting for the all you can eat buffet to start
Consequently, the idea of monthly EDOWSC training in these sessions has been cancelled.

A suggestion has been received that a Tuesday evening swim in the Poole area could be of interest for next winter. This may be discussed during our 2010 swimming programme. Such an arrangement would probably require EDOWSC to hire pool facilities with the costs being met by those participating. We would need a firm commitment from our members before this could be progressed.

We are in discussions with Poole Borough Council to extend our licence to include occasional daytime non-exclusive use of the changing rooms at Shore Road over the winter period. The Sailboading School use it less frequently for lessons over the winter.

EDOWSC is YOUR swimming club so please ensure that your committee knows how you want the club to develop.

Please let Gerry know if you wish to make your own arrangements for winter training or do you feel that the club needs a 12-month programme of swimming?

You can contact Gerry Griffin Membership Secretary, EDOWSC via or alternatively login and append your views or suggestions to this article.