Yelpie Portable Safe

You know how it is – you’re on the beach, the sun’s blazing and you fancy a swim. So, you stick your mobile and wallet in your shoe, hide your car keys under your towel – then hope for the best, right? Not any more thanks to the Yelpie Portable Safe!

Manufacturers Description

Yelpie Portable Safe
Yelpie Portable safe
Yelpie’s advanced motion sensor alarm works to keep your valuables exactly where you left them, while being smart enough to know what’s an accidental bump and what’s an attempt to steal your belongings.

If a thief attempts to move your Yelpie, a loud 90dB alarm goes off!

The Yelpie is large enough to comfortably fit car and house keys, wallets, MP3 players, mobile phones, sunglasses or other small valuables – but even items too large to be placed inside the Yelpie can be left in public more securely by tying them to the Yelpie: if somebody tries to walk off with your surfboard, the Yelpie alarm will activate!

Perfect for use at the beach, picnics, sporting events, training grounds, swimming pools, gym, school or work lockers, golf course, camping, motor homes, caravans, or when taking the kids for a play in the local park.

How It Works

  1. Put your belongings into Yelpie.
  2. Close and set the alarm.
  3. Alarm activates if disturbed for more than 2 seconds. Alarm will automatically cease if Yelpie is put down and left alone again.
  4. To deactivate the alarm and open the Yelpie portable safe, enter your personal code using the Yelpie’s strong and weatherproof keypad. No keys to be lost!

£39.99 with free UK delivery from (as at 22 Apr 09).